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February 28th, 2005

07:34 pm: Private
Connor and Claire are coming to town.

I'm torn between cleaning this place top to bottom and taking a unplaned trip to Tibet.

I'm over 400 years old and I still worry about letting my teacher and kinsman down. Something about Connor makes me feel like a green young man all over again.

But it could be worse. I could be in Jon or Beli's place.

Really though, it'll be good to see Connor. He's more settled with Claire about.

February 24th, 2005

08:43 pm: Private (Backdated to 2/21)
Dinner with Jon and his young lady friend seems to have been a success. Espicaly considering Beli and Amanda didn't wind up at each others throats by the end of the evening.

Did I ever annoy my teachers as much as Beli seems to do Amanda? I hope not.

Jon does seem quite taken with her, and if anything he'll get the girl to pick up her sword more often. He's working to hard at the meusam I think, but his too much like his father when he sets his mind to something.

I do need to call Connor and Claire and talk to them about Jon. He won't admit it but he really misses his parents.

And I defently need to talk to Amanda about keeping her hands off the good cyrstal.

September 2nd, 2004

10:26 pm: Back to normal
So Amanda's back from her wanderings and I'm back from mine. It's as though we never parted, which I find a little disconcerting.

Log: a morning with AmandaCollapse )

August 12th, 2004

11:29 pm: Packing up and planning
Well it looks like things are calming down here in Seacouver. Amanda and I have just about finished packing up for the move back out to Paris. Most of the stuff in the loft is going into storage, and I've made arrangements for the dojo while I'm gone. In the mean time Amanda has been trying to convince me to enter a life of crime with her. Here's the log of our latest chat on the subject which I "borrowed" from Joe.

A conversation with AmandaCollapse )

July 26th, 2004

08:54 am: Moving on
Seems everybody's moving on now. People dissappearing one by one the same way they showed up last year. Had a farewell dring with an old friend just last night:

Goodbye Adam.Collapse )

June 25th, 2004

12:08 am: A letter from Adam
A couple days ago I got one of those letters from Adam. I TRIED not to read it but.. well read for yourself

Adam, Amanda and ICollapse )

May 15th, 2004

06:17 pm: Couches are not as comfortable as beds.
So I may have said something exceedingly stupid the other night. Yes, Amanda has been sneaking away in the night to see somebody else. Yes, there was definately something going on between her and Kit at Joe's. But on careful consideration I must conclude that no, there is no way that they could be sleeping together. Or doing anything else together except fighting.

I have no idea what's going on, except that after some poorly considered words I'm now sleeping on the couch in my own home and Amanda is giving me the cold shoulder.

You wouldn't think that sleeping on a couch would have any ill effects for an immortal. I assume that any contortion of the spine or straining of the muscles is corrected by our unusual abilities. It must be purely psychosomatic that my neck seems permanently cramped at an awful angle. It hurts all the same.

I need a drink.

May 7th, 2004

06:44 pm: Where's she going?
For the second time last night I woke to find Amanda gone from the dojo. She seems to be sneaking out while I'm asleep, but I can't think why.

Should I be worried? Is she planning a job of some kind, or is she sleeping with somebody else?

I don't know how often I can lie there pretending to be asleep, worrying about what she's up to, and feel the buzz of her sneaking back in.

Besides: her feet are COLD when she sneaks back into bed.

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